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Family and breeding place

About us

We, that is my daughter, my son, me and of course our dog Noblesse, are a small family with a big heart for animals and run a small private hobby kennel in Löwenberger Land. Despite being so close to the capital, we are constantly surrounded by nature, which our Noblesse especially appreciates. With a lake, lots of woods, streams and fields, she would love to extend the walk to five hours.

We became aware of our little polar bear (Noblesse) through the French film "Belle & Sébastien". We watched this film with my then 10-year-old daughter and were fascinated by this beautiful breed of dog. We immediately read up on the breed and some time later decided to welcome a dog into our family again, then of course a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. After a lot of research about the characteristics and peculiarities of this breed, we got in touch with Andrea, the breeder of Noblesse. One year later we finally visited the breeder's family in Normandy (France) and met the sweet little Noblesse and her siblings, parents, grandparents and aunts.

Since then Noblesse is an official member of our family, thus belongs to our pack. She accompanies us on holidays and excursions. Preferably we go to the water, because it turned out that Noblesse is also a passionate swimmer. She therefore takes advantage of every little opportunity to dive into the water, of any kind. Fortunately, her coat dries within a few hours and she can easily shake off earth and sand residues. Noblesse then looks like something out of a catalogue again. At the end of each day, our little girl insists on some petting or playing sessions. Afterwards, she always joins us and snuggles in between us (she has to be the centre of attention :)) or another little play session follows.

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