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Ist ein Pyrenäenberghund der richtige Hund für mich

The addition of a Great Pyreneedog to your family is a major decision and deserves a great deal of time and thought.

Meine Kinder zusammen mit Noblesse als Welpe Meine Kinder zusammen mit Noblesse als Welpe

Independent dog

The Great Pyrenean were bred to watch over flocks of sheep alone in mountain valleys. They are guard dogs by instinct, not by training. Therefore, their basic personality is different from most breeds, which are bred to obey the commands, whereas Pyrenean Mountain Dogs have to make the decisions themselves when working. The Great Pyrenean is an intelligent but sometimes stubborn dog that questions some commands and the decisions of owners.

So if you need a dog that accompanies you in all your activities and follows your every command directly, the Pyrenee is not the right dog for you.


Like all guard dog breeds, Pyrenean like to bark, especially at night. The extent of barking varies from individual to individual, but the instinct is there and in some cases can cause major problems in the neighbourhood. Therefore, in urban or suburban environments, Pyrenean must be kept indoors at night.

Guard dog

The Great Pyrenean is a guard dog and as such cannot be expected to greet uninvited intruders on your property in a friendly manner.

Physical abilities

The basically gentle the Great Pyrenean are very large and also physically very strong. That is why dealing with a Pyrenean can be very challenging, especially during phases of puberty.

Hair in the house

With routine grooming, they are not very different from many other breeds. Nevertheless, they must not be very sensitive about hair. Indeed, Pyrenean owners have white hairs in the house and on clothing, especially at times of coat change.

Love and attention

The Great Pyrenean needs a connection to family life and daily attention. A lonely Pyrenean is a bored dog, and a bored dog can become a problem dog.

Adapted from the publication of the Pyrenees Mountain Club of America