Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées - Great Pyrenees

tall, imposing and elegant


Find out, for example, when new offspring are expected or what successes we have achieved at exhibitions.

Is a Great Pyrenee the right dog for me?

This dog breed is very different from many others and is therefore not suitable for everyone. Here you can find out more about the characteristics and special features of a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Our Noblesse

Here you can see the pedigree as well as the successes of our Noblesse.

About us

If you would like to know more about our family or the place where we'll have our offspring, as well as the transfer conditions, you can find out more here.

What we stand for and what is important to us

As a small hobby breeder and as a member of the Club for Hungarian Shepherd Dogs we want to breed lovingly and close to the animals. This is especially important to us, which is why we attach great importance to maintaining the breed standard, the socialisation of our puppies and their future welfare.

  • Sustainable and healthy breeding

    It is of utmost priority that the parents are healthy and remain healthy, as well as having a good character. In addition, we only let our bitch have puppies once every 2 years at the most, in order to protect her health and not to exploit her. After all, she is part of our family.

  • Communication

    Before any purchase, we would like to get to know you better to ensure that the puppies go into responsible hands and are treated well.

  • Passion

    I myself am completely passionate about Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and therefore breed with responsibility and conviction.

  • Family dog

    Just as our Noblesse is a family and house dog, the puppies will get to know children, cats and other animals, house and yard. With this we want to hand over open-minded and healthy family members to you.

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